Startup Law Consultancy is the trusted partner of your startup journey. We represent and support you from your start until the exit. Every entrepreneur requires and deserves a consultant to speak the same language, breathe in the same ecosystem and understands your needs far before you are in need.

A bright idea requires certain protections; your company should be well established. Your agreements must be tailored for you; you have to fully understand what will happen when investors come. The best country must be chosen to your income and business modal; you will need people knowing IPOs to become a unicorn.

We gathered for you as entrepreneurs and consultants from different backgrounds. Not just your legal issues; we even understand how you feel, your technology, your revenue stream, your investor-fit, your potential exits. We experienced your footsteps reaching you to success.

Experienced in different jurisdiction while giving consultancy to hundreds of entrepreneurs, incorporating companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Estonia, and Israel. We worked with angel investors, venture capitals, incubators, accelerators and corporate venture capitals too.

“You will be taken care of by group of partners

from different expertise and startup experiences.”


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